Print a Deposit Slip

After you've entered your customer payments into the system, the typical next step is to take the money to the bank. When you do this, many banks also require that you have some kind of "deposit slip".

Here's how to have the system print this deposit slip for you.


From the Lynx Main Menu . . .

1. On the Menu Bar, left-click on Reports or left-click the button.

2. In either case, a drop-down menu will appear.

3. Left-click on Accounts Receivable Reports.

There's also a third way to print Accounts Receivable reports. On the Menu Bar, left-click on Bookkeeping, then left-click on Accounts Receivable, and then left-click on Accounts Receivable Reports.


4. The Choose an Accounts Receivable Report window will now be displayed. As you left-click on each Report ID or Report Name, the description of that report will be shown in the box above.

5. Double-left-click report AR10 (Deposit Slip).

6. This will display the Format an Accounts Receivable Report window.

7. Use the filters to select the payments included in the deposit you are about to make to the bank.  Typically, this is either
by date, like this: 


by batch, like this

8. Once you've made your selections, left-click the button to preview the Deposit Slip on your screen.  

The Deposit Slip will be printed in the order that the payments were entered into the system (within payment type).


9. You can now left-click the print button to print it or left-click the button to exit.