Printer Troubleshooting

Here are some problems you may encounter with the printer(s) on your system. These don't necessarily have anything to do with Lynx itself but can be troublesome.

Printing maps . . . If you want to print a map (either for a customer, a route, or all of your tanks), DO NOT use a laser printer. They typically don't have sufficient memory to handle the amount of data contained in a map printout. If you do, you are apt to bring the whole system down. Instead, use an Ink Jet printer.

Printing your logo on your statements . . . If you use the "Plain Paper" format for your monthly statements, the system will automatically insert your logo. This is the same logo that you loaded onto the left side of the Lynx Main Menu. If you have a color printer, the logo will print in color. If the colors don't match the colors of your logo on the Main Menu, the problem is with your printer, not the software. Check the cartridges and replace any that are low on ink or defective.

Printing with old Okidata impact printers . . . If you're having trouble printing with the older model Okidata printers, it's probably because you're using out-of-date "drivers". Drivers are software packages that allow the Windows operating system to recognize and properly work with the hardware device (in this case, the Okidata printer). The easiest way to get the most current driver is over the Internet. One place to go (out of many) is the Okidata web site itself ( From this location, download the new driver and then install it on your system.