Print Notes

Here's how to print the General, Collection, Delivery, and/or Service notes associated with an account.


1. Find the account containing the notes to be printed by using one of the following:

Account Number

Bill To Last Name

Company Name

Bill To Street Number

Bill To Street Name

Phone Number

Serial Number

Delivery Street Number

Delivery Street Name

People Associated with an Account


2. Regardless of how you get to the account, the detail account screen for that customer will be displayed.

3. Left-click the tab.

If there are any notes on the account, an asterisk will appear on the NOTES tab, like this .

4. This will display the notes screen for that account.

5. Left-click type of note you want to print (either General, Collection, Delivery, or Service).

6. This will display the notes for that type.  If there are multiple notes, select the one you want by left-clicking anywhere on that line in the grid.

7. Left-click the button. If the customer has more than one tank, a list of all the tanks associated with this account will be displayed.

8. Left-click the tank that pertains to the note you're about to print.

9. Left-click the button which will display the Print Preview window.

10. Left-click the print button to print the note or left-click the button to exit.