Period-end Billing: Roll-Up All Invoices

This is the third step in the Period-end Billing procedure and should be run if you have any Balance Forward accounts in the system.

This process rolls up all of the individual invoices and charges for each balance forward account into their respective balance forward totals as of the last statement date. This is done so that these individual invoices and charges that were shown in detail on last months statements do not show up in detail on this months statements. Instead, they show up only as a balance forward as of the last time you ran statements.

After you run the roll-up, the balance forward as of the last statement date (a month ago) plus the individual invoices and charges generated since then will be shown on the statements you are about to prepare for this months billing.

IMPORTANT: Remember that the date you roll up to should be the date of the last time you ran statements (typically a month ago).

As this job is running, you will be shown completion status messages and a progress bar so you'll know how the job is progressing.


From the Lynx Main Menu . . .

1. Left-click on Bookkeeping and a drop down menu will appear.

2. Left-click on Accounts Receivable.

3. Left-click on Period-end Billing

4. This will display the Period-end Billing window.

5. Left-click on the tab to display the Roll-Up window.

6. The system will automatically display the date you are currently rolled up through. This is the roll-up date (which is typically two months ago) that you used the last time you ran statements (which is typically one month ago). Like this:

7. Go to 2. Roll-up Invoices Through (Should be Your Last Statement Date) . . . Select a date to roll up to for this months statements that you are about to prepare. Left-click the down arrow and select the date you want to use from the drop-down calendar.

IMPORTANT: The date you select should be the date you ran last months statements.     


8. Go to  3. Roll-up Invoices . . . Left-click the button to start the process of rolling up all of the detail invoices.

9. While the job is running, you'll see status messages that tell you what's going on.  You will also see a progress bar showing you how fast the job is progressing, like this:

10. When you're done,  left-click the button (or left-click the tab) to go to the Add Messages to Statements process. Left-clicking the button will return you to the Generate Finance Charges process.