Change or Delete Finance Charges

Finance charges are generated as a part of the Period-end Billing procedure. This is the ONLY way a Finance Charge batch can be created. If you need help on this, go to Period-end Billing: Generate Finance Charges
After the finance charges are generated, they are placed in a separate Finance Charge batch. Before you print your period-end statements, it's a good idea to check this batch to make sure the finance charges that were generated are all correct and appropriate. If they are not, use the procedure below to make CHANGES and/or DELETIONS. Make sure the batch is not posted to the General Ledger before doing this.

Note: If you want to add NEW finance charges, this is done by creating an Invoice batch and adding the finance charges to it. See Enter Invoices for help on this.  

1. To make a change and/or deletion to an existing batch, start by finding the batch.  This can be done in two different ways:

  1. Find an Finance Charge Batch by Batch Number
  2. Find an Finance Charge Batch by Invoice Number

2. Either way, you will be at the Finance Charges window.

3. Left-click on the tab.


To DELETE a finance charge . . .

4. Left-click anywhere on the line in the grid containing the finance charge you want to delete.

5. Left-click the button.

6. To delete another finance charge, return to step 4 above.


To CHANGE a finance charge . . .

7. Left-click anywhere on the line in the grid containing the finance charge you want to change.

8. Left-click the tab. Left-click in the field you want to change and key in the change.

9. To change another finance charge, left-click the tab and then return to step 7 above.


10. When there are no more finance charges to delete or change, left-click the close button to return to the Lynx Main Menu.