FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

There are hundreds of specific topics in the Lynx Help System that show you how to use the various parts of the system. These typically address "How To" kind of issues. For instance: How Do I Add a Customer?, How Do I Enter an Invoice?, How Do I Look Up an Account? etc. etc.

In addition to these topics, there are also a number or FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about various aspects of using the system. These FAQ's are formatted as questions and answers and are aimed more at answering "How come . . ." or "Why did this happen . . ." type questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) included in the Lynx Help System include . . .

FAQ's About Getting Started

FAQ's About Setting Up Your Company

FAQ's About Customer Information

FAQ's About Bookkeeping

FAQ's About Taxes

FAQ's About Accounts Receivable

FAQ's About Invoicing

FAQ's About Accounts Payable

FAQ's About General Ledger

FAQ's About Journal Entries

FAQ's About Delivery and Routing Functions

FAQ's About Inventory Functions

FAQ's About Cost of Goods Sold

FAQ's About Service Functions

FAQ's About Tanks

FAQ's About Reports and Graphs

FAQ's About Using the Integrated Help System