How Appliances are Maintained in the System

The Lynx system allows you to establish a relationship between specific appliances, the tanks they are used with, and the accounts that use those tanks. Here's how this works.

When you use Lynx, you will establish a relationship between specific tanks and specific accounts (see Add a Tank to an Account).  

This tells the system, for instance, that when that tank is filled, the account it is assigned to will be billed.

In addition, you can also establish a relationship between specific appliances and specific tanks (see Add Appliances to a Tank). Knowing the appliances used with a tank can help answer questions about the account, evaluate usage patterns, and plan deliveries more accurately.

The relationship looks like this:




Before you add an appliance to a tank, you need to add it to the system. After this is done, you can add it to a specific tank.


The following Help topics show you how to Find an Appliance, as well as Add an Appliance, Change an Appliance, or Delete an Appliance from the system.