Overview of Reporting Functions

 The Lynx reporting functions can be accessed two different ways from the Lynx Main Menu.

 One way is to simply left-click on the Reports button shown above.

 The other is to left-click on the word Reports on the Menu Bar.

Either way, a drop-down menu will appear that shows you the various reporting options. Simply left-click on the one you want and the system will take you there.  


The system allows you to personalize the way your reports and graphs look as well as the data they contain. This is called "filtering". You can select the characteristics of the reports you want to print. For example, you might choose different time periods or different levels of detail.   

Note: If you filter any report by date, the "year" part of the date MUST be entered as a 4-digit number (that is, "2000" and not "00").


Specifically, the following reporting functions are available to you:

Report Identification

How Filters Work

Print Customer Reports

Print Customer Graphs

Print Accounts Receivable Reports

Print Accounts Payable Reports

Print General Ledger Reports

Print Delivery Reports

Print Delivery Graphs

Print Inventory Reports

Print Service Reports

Print Tank Reports

Print Tank Graphs

Printer Troubleshooting

FAQ's About Reports and Graphs